About John Leboeuf

John Leboeuf is a graduate Doctor of Chiropractic from the Anglo - European College of Chiropractic since 1974. He studied ear - acupuncture with Dr. P. Nogier in Lyon, France in 1979 - 80 and acupuncture with Pr. D. Martinez, also from Lyon, France, from 1994 to 1998.

He has been practicing in Ireland as a chiropractor since 1992. He had been in private practice previously in Sweden and in Australia. Since 1998, acupuncture has become his main therapeutic modality, together with Chiropractic mobilizations, massage and reflexology techniques, known in China as Tuina.

For John, a group of acupuncture points located along the spine and known as the Bladder and Governing Channels form an important link between Acupuncture and Chiropractic. In between these two channels another group of paravertabral acupuncture points, Jiaji points, is located on each side of the spine. All these points are part of what John refers to as Spinal Acupuncture. Combinations of these acupuncture points are very useful and effective in the treatment of neck and back pain and any related ailments along the corresponding level of nerve distribution. Since these points have the added quality of becoming diagnostically tender on palpation, they act as pain signals like the flashing lights on a control panel and they are known as Alarm Points. Acupuncture works through nerve stimulation. The points that are near important nerve centers like those along the spine are particularly effective for a wide range of functional disorders, when the structural damage and pathology are not too advanced and the body still has potential to heal and repair itself without other medical or surgical intervention. Since John uses the finest of acupuncture needles, this stimulation is gentle and painless and the needles are usually retained for 20 to 30 minutes. All acupuncture needles used nowadays are sterile and disposable.